Chinese Elm Bonsai tree – why are the leaves turning yellow?

Posted by Bonsai Care on Feb 9, 2011

Question by ☻☆REBEL DEVIL☆☺: Chinese Elm Bonsai tree – why are the leaves turning yellow?
I just bought a chinese elm bonsai tree. I decided to change the soil to miracle gro. However leaves started to turn yellow and now I have too many yellow leaves. Even the new small leaves are turning yellow. Is this result of new change or could it be something else? What can I do to save my tree?

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Answer by The Muse
The plant has been TRAUMATIZED by being moved and then TRAUMATIZED by the soil change. Please refrain from making any more changes in this little plant’s life. Chinese elm is one of the few plants that can be cultivated as an indoor or outdoor bonsai so you need to keep it where it was intended. Please take a look at this site for the appropriate care.
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If the tree was originally in a bonsai soil mix, the change to the miraclegro potting soil mix may be holding to much water. This could cause the leaves to yellow quickly. I would also guess there is some transplant shock, which does cause elms to drop their leaves, but since you say the new growth is also yellowing, I would say it is the soil.

While repotting a sick tree is never a good idea, it might be necessary in this case, unless you want to wait it out and see if the tree will adapt to the soil. Personally, I would repot it. Regular potting soil won’t support the bonsai techniques at all. If you changed the soil very recently, the shock of another repot may be worth the gain of getting the tree into the proper soil.

February 9th, 2011 | 12:21 am